Why IT Branding?

When a Brand thinks on arriving to a new market, there is a dilemma which we pretend to solve:

Insourcing vs Outsourcing

IT Branding is convinced that Outsourcing is the fastest, cheapest and most effective answer in terms of implantation of a Brand in a new market

Advantages and benefits

Cost saving

IT Branding avoid you costs on rental of any tangible fixed assets (office, car, phone…), hiring and firing taxes. We also make you save money in international travel .

Time saving

We are permanently in touch with the accounts, which let us avoid delays in knowing who is the right contact and how we have to approach.

Sales development at national level

Commercial presence in the Iberian market with a full coverage of the Spanish and Portuguese area.

Return of Investment

Since we are now in the local market, we avoid you periods of training of the staff, starting the business, approaching the accounts, so every € invested will mean a sales increase of your brand.